CellularPerfect RS-28

精准<br />抗衰老方案

我们的肌肤时刻在更新。细胞每天都会死亡和再生。一般情况下,细胞每28天会更新一次。但随着肌肤的老化,细胞更新速度会放缓,可能会延长至30天。最旧的细胞会堆积在肌肤表层,使肌肤厚度不均匀。氧合作用下降,导致肌肤极度干燥。很快出现细纹和皱纹。脆弱的表皮会引起深层的真皮层损伤,导致肌肤松弛和肤色暗沉。肌肤无法再提供支持和保护作用。Swiss Perfection Cellular Perfect RS-28以最卓越的强效护理系列激活肌肤的28天再生周期。强效修护深层肌肤损伤,以最佳护肤方式抵御衰老,从预防到强效修护,让肌肤顷刻得到显著改观。

Expert Tip

Our cure RS-28 Cellular Eye Contour Solution is the perfect ally with season changes or to bring immediate radiance before an important event. It also works miracles during travelling to keep a perfect level of hydration and erase all signs of fatigue and jet lag.

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