CellularPerfect Prepare

重要的事情 <br />先做.

忽视日常洁面步骤会加重肌肤的氧化和炎症,导致肌肤早衰。彻底清洁肌肤是抗衰老护理的第一步。Swiss Perfection研发出一系列供日常使用的专业级洁面产品,可持续延缓衰老。强化基础功能,让肌肤处在最佳状态,有效抵抗衰老。

Expert Tip

Our 3 phases-cleanse skincare program to prepare your skin for your daily routine. First, Cellular Deep Cleansing Emulsion to remove make-up and cleanse your pores. Then Cellular Purifying Gel to get rid of all impurities. Restore the skin's perfect balance with Cellular Balancing Water.

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