CellularPerfect Men

Specifically<br />Designed For<br />Men.
Designed For

Genetically different and daily exposed to climatic factors and repeated shaving, men’s skin has uniquely specific needs, facing slow regeneration when confronted with everyday aggression. It is vulnerable to stress and has a slower renewal rate. It is also thicker and requires lighter, water-based textures. Thanks to high-concentration formulas and lightweight textures based on latest technologies, Swiss Perfection Cellular Men offers intensive deep-down regeneration and daily hydration benefits, together with the best protection against premature aging. The skin’s healing process is boosted and stressed skin deeply relaxed.

Expert Tip

To intensify the lifting and anti-wrinkles effect of Skin Protection Lotion, combine it with RS-28 Cellular Rejuvenation Serum. It will boost the action of the product and give you a complete treatment.

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